General English Night ClassesTopicDate
IELTS PreparationStarts every Sunday
Winter English for Children (afternoons)16/1 to 3/2/2022
Coaching and Mentoring Workshop24/1/2022
English for Oil & Gas (2 week rotation)31/1 – ongoing 
Making Your Business Better Workshop31/1/2022
General English Night Classes31/1 – 24/3/2022
Foundation – Preparation for further study31/1 – 24/2/2022
General English Ladies Conversation31/1 – ongoing
General English Children’s Classes (2x weekly)6/2 – 19/5/2022
IELTS Mock Exam3/2/2022
IELTS Intensive Training4/2/2022
From Boss to Leader – Leadership Workshop7/2/2022
Strategic Planning Workshop14/2/2022
Foundation – Preparation for further study27/2 – 24/3/2022
Entrepreneurship Workshop28/2/2022