English has become the internationally adopted medium of communication.  Good English opens doors to education and careers, enhances travel and enables cross cultural friendships.

At MGi we understand that people have different need and that is why we offer our clients options of General English or English for Special Purposes (ESP)

The General English evening class schedule is well established with new groups starting every four weeks.  Blended learning gives students the opportunity to enjoy the courses from the safety of their homes, and access to the online system allows them to work through the material, complete the activities and reinforce knowledge. 

Placement testing is available at the institute from 9am to 8pm, Sunday to Thursday.  Online placement tests are also available.

All General English courses are approved by the Ministry of Manpower, and students are eligible for Certification once they have successfully completed 80 hours.

Teachers are native speakers and come from countries such as South Africa, Canada, the UK, America and Australia.

Available courses include among others:

  • General English (12 levels)
  • Business English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • English for Young Learners
  • English for Special Purposes
    • English for the Energy Sector
    • English for Utilities
    • English for Communication
    • English for Customer Service
    • English for Presentations
    • English for HR
    • English for the Aviation Industry

All our programmes can be tailored to meet your requirements